Stahelski says “never say never” for Reeves in John Wick 5

– Peacock debuted the miniseries "The Continental" in September, providing additional content for John Wick fans.

– The question arises whether three episodes are enough, and if the upcoming "Ballerina" with Ana de Armas will satisfy fans until its release in June.

– There's speculation about the need for John Wick 5 to truly continue and possibly conclude the saga with Keanu Reeves.

– Director Chad Stahelski, responding to the possibility of more installments, mentioned Keanu's resilience and love for the character but emphasized not wanting to force it.

– Stahelski hinted at the possibility of John Wick 5, stating, "You never know... Keanu's hard to kill," and expressing the openness to it if a good idea or story emerges.

– The ending of John Wick: Chapter 4 left some questions unanswered, providing potential material for a fifth installment.

– The Writers Guild of America's end in September allowed John Wick 5 to move forward.

– Stahelski noted that Keanu Reeves would do another installment if there was a good story, considering the series' reputation as one of the best action franchises.

– The first four John Wick films have received high praise, with an average rating of 9.25/10 from critics.

– The decision on whether another John Wick installment is necessary is subjective, and opinions on whether it would feel like pushing it vary.

– Stahelski concludes with a "never say never" attitude regarding Keanu Reeves potentially returning for John Wick 5.

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