Meet SHARKZ, the micro knife that transcends conventional keychain cutters, merging elegance with cutting-edge features.


Tungsten carbide blade: SHARKZ boasts a recipe of 90% tungsten carbide and other secret materials, ensuring a sharpness that outlasts standard cutters.
Grade 5 titanium body: Crafted from nearly indestructible Grade 5 Titanium, SHARKZ is both waterproof and fireproof, ready for any challenge.
Laser-engraved and anodized artistry: Choose your style statement with Frost, Matrix, Tornado, or Skull, showcasing laser engraving or vibrant color anodization.
Super small: At a mere 5 cm, SHARKZ is incredibly tiny.


Virtually indestructible, it has an innovative upside-down orientation that sets it apart. It’s always ready for immediate action without detaching from the keyring. SHARKZ is a stylish statement, embodying elegance and functionality in every detail.