Selling Sunset Season 7: Episode 7- Cabo San Loco recap

In Selling Sunset's seventh episode, the agents deal with Mary's loss, plan for a trip to Cabo, and handle the ongoing drama at work.

With Mary missing, Episode 7 begins in the Oppenheim Group office as Chelsea celebrates a new escrow deal, complete with the infamous bell-ringing tradition. 

Amid their announcement of the impending trip to Cabo, Jason and Brett discuss how Californian buyers are becoming more interested in Mexican real estate, particularly in Cabo

Bre and Chrishell discuss a $13 million listing with a Beverly Hills home designer. 

They joke that they would come up with a code word, "Oppenheim Wine," in order to avoid any unwelcome office drama when they go to Cabo

They chose this codeword because none of them would ever drink the wine and would only bring it up in order to get out of a sticky situation

Bre also talks about the drama in Chelsea and her inadequate apology from earlier episodes.

A private jet carrying Emma, Amanza, Chelsea, and Chrishell takes off for the Cabo excursion. Bre, Mary, Jason, Brett, and Nicole—who traveled separately—are conspicuously missing

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