Selena Gomez Demonstrated That The French Manicure Will Always Be In Style 

Uniquely artistic nail art designs, such as mirror-like chromatic finishes or tortoiseshell prints,  

are always changing and seem to be getting more complex every day. 

Even if there are certain solid nail paint color trends that are making a big splash right now (like the "black nail theory"), 

French manicures are still regarded as a classic that always looks sharp and traditional. 

Although Selena Gomez is renowned for frequently experimenting with her nails, her most recent style demonstrates that white French tips are always in. 

Gomez and Rema submitted their own acceptance speeches on November 19 in order to win ,

the 2023 Top Afrobeats Song Billboard Music Award for their joint hit "Calm Down." 

Gomez held her trophy proudly and showed off her newly painted coffin-shaped nails with a white tip manicure.

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