Season 5 Part 2 of Yellowstone: Release Schedule, Storyline, Cast, and All the Details We Know 

When the Duttons return this summer, they will find themselves in a new, wilder west.

The popular and long-running neo-western drama on the Paramount Network is due to return for what could be the final time this summer. Yellowstone (2018-) 

may be coming to an end after four and a half seasons of investigating life and people in the wild west. The first eight episodes of Yellowstone's fifth season aired in November 2022,

 and the remaining half of six episodes are still to come, making it the longest season of the series ever. What are the Duttons' plans for the future? 

Looking at the cliffhanger mid-season finale, all we can say is that the family is in for more issues, known foes and new antagonists, and a whole lot of anarchy as the power struggle continues. 

Yellowstone has been a smash sensation with fans and reviewers since its debut in 2018, but the fifth season broke all records.

Yellowstone Season 5 premiered on November 13, 2022, to an outstanding start, with the show's ratings shooting through the roof and drawing 12.1 million viewers thus far. And finally, 

Everyone is waiting with bated breath to find out what happens next after the first half finished with a dramatic finale

 But first, for anyone unfamiliar with the Duttons and their Yellowstone ranch, here's some backstory.

The Western drama series, created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, follows the influential Dutton family, proprietors of Montana's largest ranch

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