Sam Heughan gives an Outlander update that enrages the fans after strikes. 

After the SAG-AFTRA strikes ended, Sam Heughan began providing details about Outlander season six. 

However, fans aren't happy because they haven't heard anything about the second part of season seven yet. 

Sam posted on Instagram, sharing a video clip: "Did you watch the midseason finale? removed Jamie's breath." 

"When Jamie finally sees Scotland, it's a huge moment for him, for the family," he adds in the video, 

talking about the amazing moment in the mid-season finale when Jamie and Claire finally return to Scotland. 

They are back! It's his home; he is a true Highlander, so seeing the mountains there and knowing that he will be returning ,

to Lallybroch is such a significant occasion and a lovely way to wrap out the first half of the season." 

But many were more worried about the show's comeback following a protracted pause between parts one and two of season seven. 

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