Say farewell to seed phrases with Ryder One. It's a stress-free, ultra-secure wallet that's changing digital asset management!

Tired of losing sleep over your recovery phase? Switch to Ryder One, the user-friendly crypto wallet. It doesn’t require a seed phrase, sets up quickly, and is excellent for novice users and pros.

Hey there, crypto enthusiasts! Ready to level up your digital asset game? Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Ryder One crypto wallet. A blend of top-notch security and hassle-free functionality, it revolutionizes how you handle your crypto.

It makes managing your cryptocurrency easy and stress-free. Follow me as I take a deep dive into this futuristic wallet that promises to simplify your crypto life while ensuring security every step of the way.

Ryder One informational video

Say goodbye to seed phrases with TapSafe recovery

Say farewell to the days of tediously scribbling down seed phrases! With Ryder One, security meets simplicity through TapSafe Recovery and the innovative Ryder Recovery Tag. Gone are the worries of manual seed backups. This unique solution allows effortless setup and asset recovery with a simple NFC tap. So no more writing—just tap and go.

Meanwhile, the system doesn’t just enhance convenience but also elevates security. The Ryder One gives you maximum protection for your digital assets by using multiple Ryder Recovery Tags across various locations. It makes security seamless and comprehensive.

Get touch-enabled security

The capacitive touch button further enhances Ryder One’s cutting-edge security. It establishes a direct link to the secure element chip. This ensures that only you have the power to authorize and confirm transactions, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access or tampering. Then, the touch button makes the whole process safe and delightfully straightforward.

This innovative approach to transaction confirmation gives users peace of mind, knowing that every interaction with their digital assets is under their direct control. The tactile element enhances the overall user experience, improving crypto management.

Recover with your inner circle

Boost your security game by involving trusted friends and family in your recovery process. This user-friendly crypto wallet takes a unique approach by allowing your social circle to serve as an additional layer of protection. This innovative feature safeguards your digital assets while providing an additional level of security through trusted connections.

What’s more, by including your inner circle in the recovery process, Ryder One amplifies its security protocol and reinforces your trust in the device. It’s a novel approach that bridges the gap between security and user involvement.

Get peace of mind with the 3-layer security system

Moreover, Ryder One’s security architecture is built on a 3-layer system comprising encrypted NFC, double-sighash signals, and secure signing mechanisms. This trifecta of security protocols ensures your digital assets remain safe from potential threats or unauthorized access attempts.

The Encrypted NFC guarantees secure communication between devices, while the Double-Sighash Signals provide an extra layer of verification for transaction authenticity. Complemented by the Secure Signing mechanism, these layers of security fortify the wallet’s defenses, making Ryder One an ideal wallet for your digital assets.

So, instead of relying on unsecured paper notes or risky crypto exchanges, everything stays safe and secure with the help of technology.

Enjoy easy setup, fast transactions & more

Setting up the Ryder One is a breeze—just tap it to the NFC Recovery Tag. Within a minute, you’re good to go. The wallet’s lightning-fast transaction speeds, taking fewer than 2 seconds, give you the swift crypto transfers you crave. Additionally, supporting over 1,000 tokens, it offers compatibility with a wide array of digital assets.

Another great feature is its port-free, completely offline design, with no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. This adds an extra layer of security and guarantees that no one but you can access the data. In fact, the device’s red LED light, linked to the EAL6+ secure element chip, alerts in case of any discrepancies.

Then there’s my favorite feature, the waterproofing. This user-friendly crypto wallet is built to withstand the elements. With an IP68 rating, its aluminum and glass body are waterproof and dust-proof. So spills can’t harm it and dust doesn’t bother it. It’s a rugged companion for your crypto journey.

Check out other premium features

Alongside its security features, the Ryder One offers 100% open-source software, ensuring transparency and trust for users. Additionally, it comes equipped with a wireless charger, simplifying battery management and guaranteeing uninterrupted use.

Meanwhile, a tempered glass and aluminum body plus a polycarbonate infinity edge keep the gadget itself sleek and durable. The company says perfectionists build its product. With the Ryder One’s build quality, I believe them.

Amp up your crypto security with the Ryder One

So we journeyed through the features that Ryder One brings to the table. And, I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed!

This user-friendly crypto wallet is like a breath of fresh air, especially for those of us who have struggled with seed phrases. Now, the TapSafe Recovery and the Ryder Recovery Tag make it as easy as a simple tap to set up and recover your assets. Seriously, no more scribbling down those lengthy phrases; it’s a game-changer!

Then, knowing that only I have the power to authorize transactions gives me a sense of control and security like never before. And involving trusted friends and family in the recovery process is like having an extra layer of security.

Let’s not forget the 3-layer security system: encrypted NFC, double-sighash signals, and secure signing. With this level of security, I no longer have to lose sleep over my crypto.

The rugged build of Ryder One is another big win. IP68 rating, waterproof, and dust-proof? Knowing that spills and dust won’t bother my trusty crypto companion is a relief.

Overall, this user-friendly crypto wallet offers a brand-new way to manage your digital assets. Its stress-free setup, lightning-fast transactions, and top-notch security features make it an absolute gem. I’m confident in saying that Ryder One has definitely earned its spot as a must-have in the world of crypto!

Ready to make managing your digital wealth a breeze? Preorder your Ryder One for about $159 on Kickstarter.

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