Reacting to an influencer who says he would "murder" him in order to be with Zendaya, Tom Holland

Blakely Thornton, a self-proclaimed "hot, gay, fearless" entrepreneur, recently posted a humorous video on Instagram joking about being willing to "kill" Tom Holland to be with Zendaya. 

The influencer, whose Instagram bio describes him as a "Pop Culture Anthropologist & Sexy Clown," clarified that he's not attracted to girls sexually but would go to extreme lengths to be in a relationship with Zendaya, even if it meant living as Tom Holland. 

In the video, Blakely pops up on a clip of Zendaya on the red carpet, expressing his exaggerated willingness to change his appearance and life to be with her, stating, "But even if it didn't last, worth it." 

The Reel, posted around 11 weeks ago, caught Tom Holland's attention three days ago, prompting him to comment with a laughing with tears emoji. 

Zendaya, who has recently faced engagement rumors with Tom Holland, hasn't directly addressed the influencer's joke, but her previous response to engagement speculations suggests a dismissive attitude. 

Blakely's lighthearted approach to the joke is evident in his Instagram persona, where he presents himself as a "Sexy Clown" and embraces a fearless attitude. 

The video, despite its humorous nature, highlights the playful and sometimes absurd interactions that occur between influencers and celebrities on social media. 

 Tom Holland's response with a laughing emoji indicates that he took the joke in good spirits, understanding the light-hearted nature of the comment.

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