Elevate your body art with the Prinker M portable temporary tattoo device.


Portability and Ease: This palm-sized device ensures effortless tattoo creation on-the-go or while traveling.

Versatile and Waterproof Designs: Access over 11,000 designs or craft your own through the synced app, offering water-resistant designs easily washable with soap.

Simple Operation and Safety: Sync the app, select your design, and swiftly transfer it with a roll of the Prinker M, using FDA-registered cosmetic inks that wash off easily and safely.

Cost-Efficient and Long-Lasting: Each ink cartridge yields up to 1,000 temporary tattoos, providing quick application with a battery life of 4—5 hours.


Express your creativity freely and commitment-free with Prinker M, a safe, versatile, and cost-efficient way to flaunt your artistic side.