Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: The Long-Awaited Reunion

Outlander Season 3, Episode 6 delivered the season's most anticipated moment.

The episode was titled "A. Malcolm," and it was all about Claire and Jamie reuniting. 

After a brief glimpse at the end, this extra-long episode revealed Jamie's side of the story when he saw Claire for the first time in 20 years.

This was one of those episodes that people either loved or despised. But, like fine wine, it has aged well. 

If you want to read about my first impressions, go to Hidden Remote, where I wrote before coming here. 

This recap takes a look at watching it again and again to see if there are any details that were missed.

One thing that disappointed me was that I didn't see much of Jamie in Edinburgh. He was leaving Helwater, leaving his son behind, when we last saw him. 

Claire's decision to return to the past was the focus of Outlander Season 3, Episode 5. 

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