Olivia Rodrigo Is Livid After Seeing the World.

The unexpected pop success demonstrates how difficult life is at the top on her second album, "Guts," which boasts rock bravado and singer-songwriter tenderness. 

Hiding the work is one of the essential requirements—or objectives?—for becoming a pop star. 

Even while you may witness Beyoncé sweat or observe how Taylor Swift's personal struggles influence her artistic vision 

the most well-known pop musicians rarely make references to the financial and emotional costs associated with crafting their songs. 

That is Olivia Rodrigo's original strategy as a contemporary and reasonably recognizable pop star. She released "Drivers License," her first single outside the Disney milieu where she was raised creatively 

at the start of 2021, and had a supernova climb that was impossible to predict or duplicate. 

She emerged as a sharp-witted, colorful writer and vocalist on her startling debut album, "Sour," which was released a few months later, but one who hadn't fully seen the world. 

Rodrigo has seen too much by the time she released her profoundly troubled, psychologically and sonically agitated follow-up album, "Guts," two years later.  

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