Immerse yourself in a super realistic experience with the NEOSabers Jade II Saber (StarKiller), designed to captivate with its vivid blade and powerful speaker. Here’s why the NEOSabers Jade II stands out:


Flash on Clash: Enjoy realistic white light flashes and sound effects during clashes, enhancing the authenticity of your duels.

Smooth Swing: Motion sensors ensure smooth swinging with realistic sound effects, creating an immersive experience.

Durable Blade: The strong, shatterproof 92cm polycarbonate blade with light-diffusing finishing is perfect for intense dueling.

Loud, Clear Speaker: Equipped with a volume-adjustable speaker for crystal-clear sound.

Customizable Colors: Choose from a full spectrum of colors or fixed presets to personalize your saber.

XRGB 3.0 and Xenopixel V3: Utilize Bluetooth app control to customize and manage your saber from your smartphone.


Experience the thrill of lightsaber dueling with the NEOSabers Jade II Saber (StarKiller), delivering unparalleled realism and performance.