Transform your space into an oasis of natural radiance with Nanoleaf Skylight. This modular flush-mounted smart ceiling panels redefine your lighting experience. These innovative panels bring the serene beauty of the open sky indoors, offering diffused multi-point lighting that emulates the calming effect of natural daylight.


Versatile Lighting Palette: Enjoy the functionality of cool & warm whites (2700K – 6500K) and explore over 16 million colors, including dynamic scenes such as Sun Shower, Gentle Rain, and Shooting Stars.

Customizable Layout: Begin with one hard-wired panel and expand up to 99 more. This will effortlessly cover vast spaces or reaching challenging corners to create your personalized skylight.

Nature-Inspired Animation: Transport yourself to the heavens with nature-inspired lighting animations, simulating the open sky right above your ceiling.

Revitalize Your Space: Multipoint illumination minimizes shadows, infusing your surroundings with the refreshing sensation of natural daylight.


Elevate your ambiance with Nanoleaf Skylight. Bask in the transformative glow of a personalized “skylight” experience, tailored to any room, any size.