Messi's muscular issue when the World Cup qualification ends in 2023. 

In Tuesday's 1-0 victory over Brazil at the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro,  

Lionel Messi was forced to be substituted due to a groin injury that ended his final game of the year. 

Following the game, which was tainted by altercations between supporters and police, the Argentina captain, 

who was replaced in the 78th minute, reported feeling soreness in his groin."My adductor felt sore," 

Messi remarked. "It was my last game of the year, so I have time to get well to start 2024 giving everything." 

The Inter Miami forward appeared to be out of shape after receiving treatment on the sidelines during the first half. 

Messi claimed that part of what injured him was the 27-minute delay in the game's start time brought on by the violent altercations." 

It didn't help me to cool down and go inside the locker room and then come back," he stated.

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