This modular laser measure device gives you an accurate reading of any measurement with so many assistance options.

Every home designer, construction worker, and real estate agent knows the headache of getting out the measuring tape, finding someone to properly hold the other end, taking measurements, and jotting them down. That’s where this laser measure comes in.

M-Cube laser measure full set

The M-Cube modular laser gives accurate readings of any measurement, and its modular design is convenient for portable use.  

Now, I have done framing jobs with my dad over the summers, and nothing is more stressful than trying to find the exact spot to place a stud. I would keep having to measure from both walls, hoping the tape measure would stay flush with the wall and not throw off the measurement.

While basic construction tools have not changed much recently, the tape measure is being quickly replaced by the laser measure tool. 

See the M-Cube in action

Laser measuring devices are nothing new. They have been a laser with an LED screen for almost 2 decades. The M-Cube by HOZO Design, however, provides a much-needed upgrade. This modular laser measure has built-in smart features as well as 4 swappable attachments so you can measure anything with ease.  

Let’s see if the M-Cube really can measure with no limits.

Modular Laser Measure

Many 5-in-1 devices do too many things at once poorly and are bulky. With 3 swappable high-quality parts, the M-Cube is compact, and each attachment has a specific function. Let’s start with the device itself. 

It can work indoors and outdoors thanks to its fast 10 fps laser that gives more accurate results and functions well in bright light. It can measure up to 164 ft (50m), weighs only 80 grams, and has an aptly sized touch screen. 

The patented One-Touch technology allows you to measure from the laser base or by placing the back side’s sloped back to the corner of the wall. It will automatically detect the corner and read the measurement from there.

You never need to second guess if the laser measuring device is flush with the wall!

Floor Planning Module

The Floor Planning Module turns your laser measuring device into a smart mapping device. Just snap the magnetic attachment into place and start measuring your first wall.

The joystick lets you select which direction and angle the next wall is. And, as you go around measuring, it automatically begins drawing the floor plan. 

M-Cube traces floor plans

You can export the measurements to your phone with the MEAZOR app and have a ready-to-use floor plan. The app can export your file in .jpg, .pdf, .xls, and .dxf, which is compatible with corresponding software like AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and more. 

This is perfect for designers who need to get a floor plan quickly, anyone working in the flooring business, painters, and home DIYers. 

Bilateral Laser Module

Sometimes, we are in too big of an area to walk from wall to wall. The Bilateral Laser Module lets you get the distance, volume, and even area of a space from right where you stand. Just snap on the bilateral laser module attachment and get to measuring.

M-Cube uses dual lasers to measure

Don’t have a steady hand? Don’t worry about it! While other laser measures rely on you keeping the laser parallel to the floor, the M-Cube has an auto-calibration function that automatically gives you the reading of the distance of 90°. 

Whip out the tripod stand, and you can also activate the Green Level Cross Line that is visible even during the brightest of days. You can perfectly align the room, hang artwork, or perform precise remodeling. 

Scale Roller Module

Not everything is easy to measure with a laser. The Scale Roller Module lets you measure curved objects just by rolling the device along the distance you want to measure. So staircases, kitchen islands, and any curve can be traced and measured with this attachment. 

M-Cube in use

When doing draft work, this laser measure can give you any scale you desire so you can measure right on your plans without having to do any extra conversions. Everything is kept steady with the projected cross line. 

Keep measurements simple with the M-Cube

All your other tools are getting smart. It doesn’t look like smartphones will have laser precision anytime soon, so unless you love using a tape measure, it is probably time to consider getting a modular laser measurement device. 

The M-Cube is super easy to learn, is intuitive, and can export numbers right to your phone and software. If you’re ready to upgrade from your old tape measure and get laser-precision measurements, check out the M-Cube on Kickstarter. Prices start at $69.

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