LeBron James changed jerseys from 6 to 23 once more.

LeBron James is changing his Lakers jersey number from No. 6 to No. 23.

He has previously worn both numbers during his NBA career.

The switch is made as a sign of respect for Bill Russell, the Celtics legend who passed away in 2022.

The NBA retired Russell's No. 6 jersey before the last season, but players were allowed to continue wearing it if they wished.

James wore the No. 6 jersey last season as part of the league's tribute to Russell.

This will be the fourth time in LeBron's career that he's changing his jersey number.

No. 23 is the number LeBron James started his career with and has used at various points in his NBA journey.

The decision was confirmed by LeBron's agent, Rich Paul, in a statement to ESPN's Dave McMenamin.

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