Haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet? Don't worry, there's still time—and items in stock—on today's roundup of last-minute gadget gifts for the holidays.

Maybe work swamped you in November, then your social calendar got out of control early in December. Whatever happened, Christmas is almost here. So, if you haven’t started, now’s the time to buy last-minute gadget gifts.

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I know you’re scrambling. So I included unique, beautifully designed products that a range of recipients will love. Is your work buddy into coffee? Check out the Subminimal NanoFoamer.

Or maybe your nieces and nephews just got into gaming. Get them a controller in a classic design with the 8BitDo Ultimate C Wired Controller.

There’s still time to get a great gift for everyone on your list. Just check out the items below.

A smart home energy kit

ALLPOWERS R3500 coming soon video

First, let’s talk about a practical gift for your home, the ALL POWERS R3500. This system offers scalable capacity and provides backup power when you need it.

So, if you live in an area that experiences blackouts, you’ll be happy to know that this appliance can power your home for days! It even allows you to use solar energy from your existing kit.

2. A sleek indoor camera

Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Gen in a lifestyle image

Boost your loved ones’ home security with the Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Gen. This petit camera has a modern design and boasts multiple mounting options.

And, with 1080p HD video plus Live View and Color Night Vision, it gives a full view of what’s happening at home. Moreover, the camera sends real-time alerts when it detects movement.

3. An Amazon Fire TV Stick with smooth 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max front view

Give someone special improved entertainment over the holidays with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max. This streaming device lets your giftee watch shows, movies, and more in 4K Ultra HD.

What’s more, this Fire TV Stick offers Wi-Fi 6E support, resulting in smoother 4K streaming. It even has an art gallery featuring over 2,000 works of art and photography. It’s one of my favorite last-minute gadget gifts.

4. A smart display with powerful speakers

Amazon Echo Show 5 3rd Gen product video

Treat a friend or family member to the Amazon Echo Show 5 3rd Gen smart display. It boasts excellent speakers, ensuring Alexa and music are easy to hear.

My favorite feature is the 5.5″ display, which shows information like your schedule and the weather in a large format. It’s easy to read and navigate.

5. A minimalist door and window sensor

Aqara Door and Window Sensor on a door

Shopping for a stylish recipient? Help them stay safe while enhancing their home’s aesthetics with the Aqara Door and Window Sensor. It boasts modern lines and uses the Thread protocol.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to install and features versatile use options. Your recipient can use it to improve their existing home security system or automate home schedules.

6. A portable smart speaker

Amazon Echo Pop
Amazon Echo Pop on a side table

With the Amazon Echo Pop, your giftee can take smart connectivity anywhere. It comes with a smart plug they can remove and take from room to room.

I love that it has eero built-in, adding up to 1,000 square feet of coverage to an existing eero Wi-Fi network. Even better, this speaker comes in a range of fun colors! It’s one of the best last-minute gadget gifts!

7. A lantern for adventures

15 Last-minute gadget gifts for the holidays
BioLite AlpenGlow Mini USB in a person’s hand

Shopping for someone who loves the outdoors? Light up their adventures with the BioLite AlpenGlow Mini USB lantern. It has a compact footprint that fits easily in backpacks or back pockets.

Additionally, it provides multiple ambient light settings for bright and soft light so your recipient can choose the type they like. Plus, it hangs on tents, backpacks, and trees thanks to the attachment accessories.

8. A cute smart speaker for kids

Amazon Echo Dot Kids 5th Gen
Amazon Echo Dot Kids 5th Gen in a child’s bedroom

Elevate your child’s room with the Amazon Echo Dot Kids 5th Gen 2022 speaker. It’s printed with adorable designs of a friendly owl or dragon.

As a parent, I appreciate this speaker’s child-friendly Alexa. This feature ensures appropriate responses for music and story requests and filters out explicit content.

9. A pair of transparent earphones

15 Last-minute gadget gifts for the holidays
Linsol KZ AS10 in Cyan

Impress a music lover with a unique set of earphones, the Linsoul KZ AS10 BA HIFI earphones. A 3D-print creation, these headphones flaunt a one-of-a-kind transparent look. And they sound pretty good too, with 5 balanced drivers per side.

Then, your giftee gets a comfortable and stable wearing experience due to a shapable ear hook and ergonomic design. It belongs on any list of last-minute gadget gifts.

10. A barista-quality NanoFoamer

15 Last-minute gadget gifts for the holidays
Subminimal NanoFoamer in a kitchen

Is your loved one a coffee lover? Then the Subminimal NanoFoamer is a no brainer. It’s a handheld milk frother that creates café-quality microfoam for coffee-based drinks.

Also, it works with dairy milk as well as milk alternatives. I like that Subminimal also offers a latte art masterclass with every purchase. So you’re not just giving a device but also a chance to learn.

11. A mini-fridge for cosmetics, drinks & more

Cooluli Classic 4L Mini Fridge informational video

A great gift for college students and beauty mavens alike, the Cooluli Classic 4L Mini Fridge works as a compact cooler or warmer. Plus, it weighs just 4 pounds, so it’s easily portable.

Your recipient can use the Mini Fridge to store beauty products, food, beverages, and medications at the proper temperatures. What’s more, the unique semiconductor system is energy-efficient and whisper-quiet.

12. A classic wired controller

8BitDo Ultimate C Wired Pastel Gaming Controller
8BitDo Ultimate C Wired Controller in purple

Give a gamer a retro-style controller, the 8Bitdo Ultimate C Wired Controller. With its simple, classic design and options, this gadget pays homage to earlier controls.

Meanwhile, it works with various operating systems, including Raspberry Pi OS, Windows 10 and up, Steam OS, and more.

13. A combination lock with an AirTag holder

15 Last-minute gadget gifts for the holidays
Raptic Link + Lock in use

Help a friend or loved one secure and keep track of belongings on the go with the Raptic Link + Lock Apple AirTag holder. This combination lock relies on 3 digits and features a built-in carabiner.

Moreover, the AirTag holder keeps the tracker safe and in place. This lock is also quite wide, so it can wrap around larger items like a bike.

14. A set of ear-healthy headphones for kids

Belkin SOUNDFORM Mini Wireless On Ear Headphones for Kids
Belkin SOUNDFORM Mini Wireless On-Ear Headphones on a child

Your little one can enjoy content safely with the Belkin SOUNDFORM Mini Wireless On-Ear Headphones for Kids. These headphones cap the volume at 85 dB, protecting their sensitive eardrums.

Then, parents will love the 30-hour battery life, while kids will enjoy the bright color options and wide Bluetooth connectivity range.

15. A vertical mouse for wrist-friendly computing

15 Last-minute gadget gifts for the holidays
ProtoArc EM11 on a desk

The ProtoArc EM11 is an excellent gift for someone who logs long hours in front of a screen daily. The vertical shape reduces wrist strain and supports a more natural hand position.

Plus, the RGB lighting is a fun touch, allowing your recipient to customize and add flair to their workspace. Also, the EM11 offers a seamless wireless connection. It’s another of the best last-minute gadget gifts to buy this year.

What are some quick and thoughtful last-minute Christmas gift ideas?

Last-minute gifts can still be heartfelt! Consider digital subscriptions to streaming services, online gift cards for their favorite stores, personalized e-gift cards, or DIY gift baskets with items from a local store.

How can I ensure a last-minute gift arrives on time?

Choose digital gifts or services that can be instantly delivered via email. If you buy physical items, prioritize express shipping or utilize same-day delivery options from specific retailers. Alternatively, look for local stores offering in-store pickup or curbside delivery.

What are some budget-friendly last-minute gift options?

Handmade gifts like DIY crafts or baked goods can be thoughtful and cost-effective. Additionally, consider printable vouchers for experiences, such as a homemade coupon book offering favors or activities or repurposing items into unique, personalized gifts.

Are there any etiquette tips for giving last-minute gifts?

While the timing may be tight, thoughtfulness still counts. Accompany your gift with a heartfelt message or card explaining the circumstances. Express gratitude and acknowledge the recipient’s importance in your life, emphasizing the sentiment behind the gesture over the timing.

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