Unleash endless gaming possibilities with the KULBUTOO 3-in-1 gravity-defying game. This multifunctional toy lets you play at least 3 games, promising boundless fun.


Versatile usage: KULBUTOO can be employed as a tumbler, soft domino, or stress-relieving fidget toy.
Tumbling wonders: Explore limitless play possibilities by leveraging its tumbling ability to defy gravity and create imaginative games.
Domino delights: As a soft domino, KULBUTOO introduces 2 variations—light and soft without the stainless steel ball, or heavy and rigid with the ball—allowing diverse domino course possibilities.
Stress relief: Beyond gaming, KULBUTOO serves as an accessible stress-relieving fidget toy with its soft silicone and rigid stainless steel ball manipulation.


Unleash your creativity with KULBUTOO and craft games that leverage its unique properties.