Experience unparalleled comfort and hygiene with the Kohler PureWash Bidet Seat. It boasts a range of features that redefine your bathroom experience.


Motion-activated: The contactless opening adds a touch of convenience to your daily routine, making it both efficient and hygienic.
Self-cleaning: This function uses UV light for wand surfaces.
Remote control: The sleek handheld remote offers programmable presets.
Multiple wash modes: Choose from front and rear wash modes. Adjust the water temperature and pressure. Moreover, child mode provides a gentle wash.
Heated seat: Choose from adjustable temperature settings to keep everyone comfortable.
LED lighting: Offering night illumination, it ensures you can always find the seat.
Quiet-Close: The elongated lid and seat close quietly, and the Quick-Release functionality allows for easy cleaning.


The PureWash Bidet Seat is designed for comfort, convenience, and a superior cleansing experience.