In sports history, Lionel Messi might be able to make at least $10 million. 

Sports fans, at the risk of generalizing, are always up for a good debate. And although there's no shortage of themes to cover,  

the greatest hits are always guaranteed to be popular. And that goes beyond only the Big Four North American sports. 

To illustrate this truth, look at the Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo GOAT discussion. 

But since even living legends have to conclude their careers, Messi may be about to add yet another ,

feather to his figurative cap as his two stars approach the conclusion of theirs. Not only does the Argentine have an opportunity to make soccer history, 

but he may also be about to break a record in other sports.That kind of accomplishment won't happen on the soccer pitch. 

The arena in question is actually an auction house.Even while the majority of American sports leagues call their season-winning teams "world champions," 

the designation isn't always appropriate. Baseball is played, for instance, in other nations. For example, are the Texas Rangers superior to Japan's best team?

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