In '1923's How Africa Storyline Is a Cinematic Masterpiece?

When most people think of the Yellowstone universe, one word comes to mind: beautiful. Of course, I'm speaking cinematically. 

The series as a whole is stunning, with sweeping landscapes of Montana that feel like they belong in a painting of rural America 

what the West has to offer that appeals to the masses. But after so many seasons on the Dutton family's Yellowstone Ranch,

it can feel like more of the same. Not to say it isn't beautiful to look at, but we've seen it so many times that when we see the ranch come to life in 1923, it's not that different.

What is our masterpiece to behold in 1923, you ask? That would be Spencer Dutton in Africa.

The storyline now includes a potential romance with Julia Schlaepfer's Alexandra, played by Brandon Sklenar, 

but what makes that B-plot so beautiful in comparison to the rest of the series is that it gives us a glimpse of a world far beyond the Yellowstone Ranch

 — and when we do check in, there is always some action going on.

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