Want to buy a gift without topping $200? Check out this week's holiday gift roundup. Everything is within budget.

Choosing cool gifts at affordable prices is a fine art. You could spend hours scouring the internet and still come up with nothing. So we’ve done work for you with these best gifts to buy for under $200. These are some of our favorite gadgets and accessories to give as gifts, and they keep you on budget.

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Impress business people, recent grads, and tech lovers alike with the Mobilo Smart Business Card. It allows users to share their details with just a tap. Your giftee can say goodbye to traditional business cards for good.

Then, if you’re looking for a thoughtful, unique gift for a child, check out the Kidodido Climbing Arch / Rocker. It’s a Montessori furniture set that suits little ones throughout every stage. It even uses natural materials.

This season, craft the ultimate shopping list with these gifts under $200.

1. Mobilo Smart Business Card

Mobilo Smart Business Card in use

Starting price: $4.99

Are you shopping for a recent grad or a business-minded giftee? Go for the Mobilo Smart Business Card. It allows your recipient to share their digital contact information effortlessly.

What’s more, it’s a lead magnet, connecting users to over 3,000 apps and CRM tools, making networking a walk in the park. There is no need for apps, so it’s great for both face-to-face and virtual meetings.

2. Kidodido Climbing Arch / Rocker

Kidodido Climbing Arch / Rocker in a play room

Price: $195

The Kiddodido Climbing Arch / Rocker is an excellent screen-free gift under $200 for kids. If you like giving your child a few special holiday gifts, this one is worth considering.

I love the natural materials: birch plywood and linden tree. Kids appreciate the versatile play; it’s great for the crawling and walking stages. And, best of all, it’s a cozy spot for storytime!

3. Sphero indi at-home learning robot

Sphero indi intro video

Price: $125

Another cool gift for a child is the Sphero indi at-home learning robot. It suits ages pre-K to 2nd grade and teaches kids STEM concepts without screens. They’ll dive into programming basics using drag-and-drop blocks.

Meanwhile, kids also build mazes that indi can travel through. Plus, you can alter indi’s reaction to different color cards in the companion app. It’s one of the best gifts to buy for under $200.

4. Grovemade Desk Tray

Grovemade Desk Tray on a desk

Price: $90

Enhance someone’s desk space with the Grovemade Desk Tray. This workspace accessory offers organization for essential items like pencils, pens, sticky notes, and small tech gadgets.

It integrates into the Grovemade Desk Shelf. Moreover, this natural cork tray comes in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) and 3 colors.

5. 70mai AI Dash Cam 4K A810

70mai AI Dash Cam 4K A810 in a vehicle

Price: $149.98

Keep loved ones safe on the road with the 70mai AI Dash Cam 4K A810. Featuring a Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 sensor, it provides clear, detailed footage.

Most importantly, it has AI motion detection that activates recording when it detects a potential threat. Then, the super-sensing ADAS provides alerts of front collisions, lane departures, pedestrians, and more.

6. Marshall Motif II A.N.C in-ear headphones

Marshall Motif II A.N.C intro video

Price: $199.99

Music lovers will appreciate the Marshall Motif II A.N.C headphones. Not only do they flaunt iconic Marshall style, but they also deliver big sound.

Moreover, the ANC has been improved since the earlier edition, letting your giftee zero in on the music. Best of all, these earbuds boast 6 hours of playtime with the ANC on and 30 total hours from the case.

7. Razer Kishi V2 Xbox Editions

Holiday gift guide—best gifts to buy for under $200
Razer Kishi V2 Xbox Editions in use

Starting price: $119.99

Treat your gamer to the Razer Kishi V2 Xbox Editions for Android and iPhone. It lets them play Xbox Cloud Gaming and Remote Play anywhere, right on their Android or iOS device.

Meanwhile, they don’t have to download or install games; they can start playing right away. Also, they can experience AAA gaming with console-level mobile controllers. It’s one of the best gifts to buy for under $200 in 2023.

8. Nutr Machine plant-based milk maker

Holiday gift guide—best gifts to buy for under $200
Nutr Machine in a kitchen

Price: $169

For the healthy cook in your life, the Nutr Machine allows them to create non-dairy milk at home. Think almond, cashew, oat, soy, walnut, coconut, and rice milk.

It works quickly and easily, so your loved one can concoct tasty, dairy-free milk anytime. It even has 3 heat and blend settings. That way, they can make warm, room temperature, and hot drinks.

9. Twelve South Forté for iPhone 15 charging stand

Holiday gift guide—best gifts to buy for under $200
Twelve South Forté for iPhone 15 on a nightstand

Price: $39.99

Surprise an iPhone 15 owner with the Twelve South Forté for iPhone 15 charging stand. It holds the MagSafe Charger and elevates the iPhone 15 while it juices up. Meanwhile, it has a lovely matte white color.

The swiveling top can also tilt to the ideal viewing angle or rest flat for use as a charging pedestal for AirPods.

10. GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger

GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger
GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger in white

Price: $29.95

Level up a tech lover’s workspace with the GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger. It’s shaped like a mecha robot but offers 35W fast charging via GaN technology.

Furthermore, there are dual USB-C ports for multi-device charging, and your recipient can see their device’s charging station on the real-time power indicator. It belongs on any list of best gifts to buy for under $200.

How can I stick to a budget while shopping for the holidays?

Start by setting a clear budget and making a list of what you need to buy. Consider using cash or budgeting apps to track your spending. Also, try to avoid impulsive purchases by sticking to your list.

What are some strategies to find the best deals during the holiday season?

Watch for early bird sales, online promotions, and newsletters offering exclusive discounts. Comparison shop across different stores and consider using price comparison tools or browser extensions. Don’t forget to look for coupon codes or cashback offers that can sweeten the deal.

Are there specific times or events when deals are typically better?

Yes! Keep an eye out for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the weeks leading up to Christmas. These periods often offer significant discounts and promotions. Additionally, clearance sales after the holidays can be great for snagging deals on seasonal items.

Any tips for making the most of discounts without overspending?

Prioritize your purchases by focusing on items that offer the most value for your budget. Consider buying in bulk for essentials or gifts for multiple people. And always remember to check the return policies and warranty information to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

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