Google has redesigned the Chrome Web Store, and it now looks quite nice. This is...surprisingly nice.

When was the last time you visited the Chrome Web Store? Instead of just downloading the extension, have you actually visited the site and browsed around?

Now it might truly be worthwhile. For years, Google kept the store looking oddly out of date, but the firm has now revamped it to be in line with its Material You design language. 

The modification was first seen in September, but it is now available to everyone.

The new look of the shop, where you can beautify your Chrome browser with new Themes and extend its functionality with Extensions, is really clean and simple to use. 

In the top right, there's a search box and a tab that allows you choose between the store's "Discover" main page and exploring for Extensions and Themes. 

The Discover page shows top categories, editors' selections, recommendations based on prior downloads, and currently popular categories like AI-powered extensions and dark mode-related add-ons. 

You may further narrow down the categories by selecting only those featured by Google or those created by well-known publishers. 

The Extensions can also be sorted by most relevant or highest rated (for some reason, the Themes cannot be sorted in this manner). 

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