Five simple routines that can improve the efficiency of your mornings

It's a good idea to get things done and take some time for yourself just before sunrise. These are five healthy lifestyle changes that early risers can incorporate into their daily routine.

Drink some lukewarm water first thing in the morning to help you stay hydrated. Lemon can also be added because of its detoxifying and cleansing qualities.

Engage in meditation and mindfulness. 

The hours just before dawn are quiet and serene. Thus, now is a good time to meditate and pay attention to your breathing. 

To be more efficient and productive throughout the day, create a plan of action. Making a to-do list can assist you in organizing your time and gaining focus on your goals. 

The hours before sunrise offer a serene time to practice yoga as it has several benefits that help strengthen the body.

Daily acts of gratitude practice keep one grounded and contribute to the creation of a positive atmosphere. Spend some time alone yourself, thanking the day for what it has brought.

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