"Fight On!" exclaims Olivia Rodrigo as she enters the USC football stadium donning a Trojan outfit. 

Olivia Rodrigo is still gaining college experience even if she isn't spending her early 20s there. 

During the weekend, the youthful singer-songwriter attended USC's football game against UCLA as the university's guest of honor. 

She enthusiastically supported the Trojans and wore full cardinal red and gold attire. 

Posing on the football field with red and gold war paint on her face, Rodrigo, who previously attended a poetry ,

class at USC (and converted one of her assignments into a song on Guts, "Lacy"), shared a few images from game day on her Instagram Story. 

She also took a picture on the sidelines with her best friend Iris Apatow, who is said to attend USC, 

while sporting a Trojans sweatshirt.In a brief TikTok for the USC Athletics website, the "Vampire" singer shouted over the boisterous crowd at The Coliseum in Los Angeles, 

"Hey what's up? Olivia Rodrigo here, attending the UCLA game for SC! Battle on, whoo!"

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