Seamlessly integrating advanced features, the eufy Video Smart Lock E330 fortifies your front door. This innovative device combines fast fingerprint recognition, a 2K HD camera with an f/1.6 lens, and a video doorbell


5 ways to unlock: The efficient chip and slim fingerprint film work in harmony to recognize you instantly. Enjoy access via fingerprint, app, Alexa or Google Voice Assistant, keypad, or traditional keys.
Remote control: Monitor your doorstep from anywhere using the eufy Security app, ensuring you stay informed with notifications. Manage access for visitors effortlessly.
One battery covers everything: Enjoy the convenience of a large rechargeable battery with a generous 10,000 mAh capacity, powering all features without the need for constant battery replacements.
Security and durability: Safeguard your privacy with built-in local storage, avoiding subscription fees. It ensures reliability in any condition.


It offers security, convenience, and durability, making it the ideal choice.