ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Wants Colorado's Deion Sanders in the SEC

One candidate to succeed the departing head coach of Texas A&M is Coach Prime. Danny Mire11:13 PM EST on November 14, 2023

Last weekend, Texas A&M announced that they were firing sixth-year head coach Jimbo Fisher,

an unprecedented financial decision that will cost them whatever they choose to pay their next head coach plus Fisher's buyout of approximately $76 million. 

The College Station coaching carousel for 2024 is in full swing, there is a noticeable vacancy, 

and speculation and opinions are circulating the media.

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN was not afraid to voice his opinions about potential head coaches for the Aggies. Because,

 well, why not, none other than Colorado's Deion Sanders was on his mind.

"I have been saying that! SEC Commissioner Deion Sanders. Using that vault that is at their disposal? Among those hogs he could enlist? 

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