Level up your mobile gaming experience with the ELO Vagabond. It turns your smartphone into a powerhouse console, delivering full-size controls and universal compatibility.

Take your games on the go when you have the ELO Vagabond mobile game controller. It turns your iOS or Android phone into a mini console.

Love playing games on a long flight or car ride? Maybe you reach for your handheld gaming console while you wait for an appointment. Well, if any of these apply to you, you should check out the ELO Vagabond.

I’ve covered quite a few mobile gaming gadgets over the years here at Gadget Flow. But what makes the ELO Vagabond stand out are its full-size joysticks and triggers, universal compatibility, and integrated app.

Interested? Then follow me as I dive into this game controller’s noteworthy features!

ELO Vagabond product video

Play using full-size triggers and joysticks

Up until now, the portable game controllers I’ve played on have been missing something. To be honest, their joysticks and triggers were a smaller size than those of an actual console controller. This gave me a different experience and even hampered my play.

But the ELO Vagabond doesn’t have that problem. That’s because its triggers and joysticks are full-size, so there’s not a huge difference between it and regular console controllers.

Yes, these components are full size, so you can practically trick yourself into thinking you’re playing with your usual controllers.

Go for universal smartphone compatibility

Another of the most important features of the ELO Vagabond is its universal iOS and Android smartphone compatibility. That’s right, whether you’ve got an iPhone or an Android phone, you can use this mobile game controller.

In the world of mobile gaming devices, finding one with universal compatibility isn’t always easy. Most err toward one type of device or the other.

But the ELO Vagabond covers them all, which means you can play nearly any game. It also means you can lend the device to your Android-owning friend.

How is it possible? A telescopic design allows the controller to reach up to 18 cm, allowing it to fit Android and iOS smartphones alike as well as their cases. It’s a feature that offers players versatility, which is something I love!

Optimize this portable gaming controller with the app

Now it’s time to mention my favorite feature: the ELO Unleashed app. It comes integrated into the ELO Vagabond and is a true game-changer.

This cutting-edge app further immerses you in gameplay with new options and controls. In fact, you can use it to find games and make the controller work better for you. A controller that actually helps you find games to play? Sign me up!

And, of course, the app makes it possible to play an expansive list of games on Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia Geforce Now, Steam Link, PS Remote Play, and more.

Meanwhile, the virtual controller feature works with the app to add controller inputs into any game. Can you imagine playing online football with the same controls as a console? It’s possible with this mobile gaming gadget.

Get all the buttons and ports you need for mobile gaming

Additionally, the ELO Vagabond comes with plenty of buttons and ports. Yes, you get A, B, X, and Y buttons along with a quiet microswitch. There are even menu and bumper buttons.

These really contribute to the controller’s realistic experience, giving you all the controls you could ask for.

And, as for the ports, it has a 3.5 mm auxiliary headphone cable jack, so it works with your wired headphones. There’s also a USB-C passthrough charging port that can charge your smartphone.

Enjoy a comfortable grip

When I’m gaming on the go, the last thing I want are sore wrists and thumbs from an uncomfortable device. And comfort is another area where the ELO Vagabond wins.

The console is shaped for long hours, not minutes, of play. So you can totally spend all your downtime during travels playing your favorite games.

Then, the hybrid grip design ensures you get a good handle on your play.

Take mobile gaming to the next level

After exploring the ELO Vagabond mobile game controller, I must say that I am truly impressed. As someone who enjoys gaming on the go, this device improves the experience in every sense.

The universal compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones is a remarkable feat. It’s a rare find in the world of gaming peripherals and significantly expands users’ gaming options.

Then, the full-size triggers and joysticks offer an authentic console-like experience. It’s almost like you’re using a regular console controller, although you’re playing on a smartphone.

Want an ELO Vagabond of your own? Preorder yours for about $146 on Kickstarter!

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