Introducing the DreameBot X30 Ultra, a cutting-edge robot vacuum designed to redefine the cleaning experience. It boasts innovative features that make it a standout in the world of smart cleaning technology.


Self-cleaning revolution: It introduces Dreame’s first self-cleaning base station with automatic options.
Anti-tangle TriCut brush: Dreame’s first Anti-tangle TriCut brush cuts away tangled hair, preventing damage to carpets and fingers.
MopExtend RoboSwing technology: Enhanced mopping capabilities with advanced edge detection and a Flex Arm help it reach corners and nooks.
Industry-leading cleaning power: A digital motor produces an industry-leading 8,300 Pa suction power, handling larger debris effortlessly.
Smarter sensing and navigation: Intelligent 3D mapping and path planning customize cleaning for each room.


The DreameBot X30 Ultra combines advanced technologies, intelligent features, and a powerful battery to deliver a next-gen hands-free cleaning experience.