Dive into a world of underwater possibilities with the ProShot Dive Case and Red Filter Pack for iPhone. In fact, this comprehensive bundle ensures that your iPhone becomes your underwater companion, capturing the beauty of the ocean depths with precision and clarity.


ProShot Dive Universal iPhone Case
– Waterproof down to 130′, this case guarantees protection for all iPhone models.
– Moreover, utilize the ProShotCase app for underwater filming, saving footage directly to your iPhone’s camera roll.
– Finally, control your camera effortlessly with your phone’s volume buttons.


Red Filter 3 Pack
– Enhance your underwater footage with 3 custom red filters for diverse diving and snorkeling scenarios.
– The red filter suits diving in blue water (25+ feet), magenta works in green water (25+ feet), and pink works best for snorkeling (5–25 feet).


Overall, experience the ProShot Dive Case and Red Filter 3 Pack—an integration of technology and exploration.