Deion Sanders helped Colorado to into the most polarizing college football team.

Colorado is the topic of college football after one week, and everyone has an opinion. Deion Sanders has turned the team into a lightning point of attention, for better or worse, 

which has energised a following, enraged the sport's devoted, and prompted everyone in between to wonder how he is doing business. 

Colorado demonstrated that this team cannot be dismissed as detractors hoped. They waltzed into Fort Worth against No. 17 TCU and made the loudest statement of 

the week by defeating a team that had advanced to the National Championship game in 2022. The truth is that Sanders and company made the top level of FBS look simple,  

And that is earned arrogance that a lot of people despise — but there is more to how the Buffaloes are perceived than this. 

Sanders, Deion. The man is one of football's biggest personalities, and he is a breath of fresh air among the stuffy 

stern ranks of dull football coaches. Deion has never apologized for his genius and has made it obvious that this is not business as usual since arriving in Boulder. 

Sanders focused on his conviction that historically black colleges and universities are routinely disregarded in the college football environment. He literally portaled all of his star players over from Jackson State, 

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