Cowboys trade a playmaker to the Falcons for $32 million.

The Dallas Cowboys made a surprising $32 million trade to acquire a playmaker from the Atlanta Falcons, sending shockwaves around the NFL. 

Fans, experts, and professionals are all talking about what this high-profile deal means for the Cowboys' future.  

In this in-depth assessment, we will delve into the mechanics of the transaction, evaluate the player's impact on the field, and discuss the implications for both organisations involved.

To gain a sense of the magnitude of this deal, let's start with the specifics. 

The Dallas Cowboys have acquired wide receiver Calvin Ridley from the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for a large monetary and draught pick deal. 

While the specific draught choices involved are unclear at the time of writing, the monetary aspect of this transaction is significant.  

The Cowboys will absorb Ridley's $32 million contract, making it one of the most valuable deals in NFL history.

Before digging into the ramifications of this transfer, it's important to first grasp the major figure, Calvin Ridley. 

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