Get ready for a game-changer in PC building with the CORSAIR iCUE LINK! It’s it’s a simpler way to build a performance PC.


Revolutionizing PC Building: This ecosystem reduces building time by up to 50%. It also declutters your PC case from a web of cables and splitters.

Brainy Components for a Smarter System: Every iCUE LINK component comes packed with a built-in microcontroller, acting as the brain of your system.

Simplified PC Building, Enhanced Performance: iCUE LINK covers a wide array of products. There are fans, AIO coolers, custom cooling gear, and more. Connecting them is a breeze with reversible, universal connectors.

Meet the Pioneers: The QX120 and QX140 RGB fans are fully digitally controlled fans.

Expanding Possibilities: CORSAIR plans to release more iCUE LINK products over time, making PC building more straightforward and accessible for everyone.


Simplify PC building with this exciting new ecosystem!