Colorado Legend Requests $166,000,000 Contract for Deion Sanders as New Teams Consider Recruiting Coach Prime

Colorado is experiencing Deion Sanders' legacy, which is snowballing. As the community gains national recognition,  

CU great Jeremy Bloom wants Coach Prime to stay in Boulder for $166,000,000. Especially when every school is watching him. 

CU icon and National Ski Hall of Famer Jeremy Bloom, a former NFL wide receiver, gave TMZ his honest assessment on Deion Sanders and his contributions.  

After arrival, he turned around a 1-11 Colorado squad and brought millions in revenue and attention to the community. 

As the Prime Effect continues, several schools are apparently interested in Coach Prime.  

Prime's five-year contract is $29,500,000, which is modest for his likeness brand.  

“Right now, the buyout is just too small,” said the former Colorado great receiver. Any team may gather supporters, buy him out, and offer a long-term deal.” 

Officially, Deion Sanders is pleased with the arrangement, but the CU legend was adamant. Coaches say that, he added.  

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