Rev up your camping adventures with unbeatable eBay Black Friday steals! BLUETTI, Reolink, and Smallrig join forces to grant you incredible discounts.

Discover amazing eBay Black Friday deals for camping equipment! Renowned outdoor brands—BLUETTI, Reolink, and Smallrig—have teamed up to offer a 20% discount during Black Friday. 

BLUETTI is a portable energy source for uninterrupted power in the great outdoors. From extreme weather at home to camping trips, BLUETTI power stations have you covered. 

Combine your BLUETTI purchase with special deals on 2 essential glamping products.

These deals began November 14th and continue through November 27th. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to score incredible savings! 

A BLUETTI solar generator during an RV trip

Meet the BLUETTI solar generator

Going off the grid in the past meant taking the bare necessities and leaving all conveniences behind.

But, these days, with BLUETTI power systems, you can solve your thirst for adventure in more comfort. Yes, you can have rechargeable power for lights, portable refrigerators, laptops, cameras, and smartphones. That way, you experience life in nature without completely losing touch with the world.

BLUETTI PS72 portable power station: 700W 716 Wh

The BLUETTI PS72 has all the essential features you expect from a BLUETTI portable power station. So you can count on it to be safe, sustainable, fast charging, and smart, with some key differences.

Key features and benefits.

eBay Black Friday Deals Bluetti
BLUETTI PS72 at a beach

BLUETTI AC70 portable power station: 1,000W 768 Wh

Meanwhile, BLUETTI’s latest offering is the AC70. It’s an impressive power bank for anyone who wants to stay connected while in the great outdoors. This solar-powered power station has some incredible features in a fully compact and portable size.

Key features and benefits

BLUETTI AC180 at a rocky beach

BLUETTI AC180 Portable Power Station: 1,800W 1,152 Wh

Moreover, when you need additional power, the AC180 is ideal for family camping trips.

Key features and benefits

Get a co-branding bonus

Reolink, BLUETTI, and SmallRig are teaming up for a special promotion from November 14th to November 27th.

This collaboration combines state-of-the-art surveillance technology, dependable power solutions, and inventive camera accessories to elevate camping adventures. Together, the trio is dedicated to delivering outdoor tools that provide adventurers with a safe, enriching outdoor experience.

Here is a detailed product list.

In addition, you can take advantage of a 20% discount on eBay for the following products: Reolink Go PT Ultra with Reolink solar panel 2, Reolink Argus PT with Reolink solar panel, and Reolink Duo 2 WiFi.

Furthermore, enjoy a 20% discount on the SmallRig V Mount Battery (50w/99w). There’s also a 20% discount on the SmallRig Camera Video Tripod, SmallRig Camera Tripod, and SmallRig 60W Bi-Color COB. Don’t miss out on these fantastic discounts available exclusively on eBay.


The BLUETTI portable solar-powered generators allow you to venture into the wild without losing vital connections. Now, combined with Reolink, they keep you safe on the trail—while Smallrig helps you produce cinematic memories.

Remember, this Black Friday eBay deal is an outstanding opportunity to buy these excellent products together for an incredible price. So seize the day and prepare for the trip of a lifetime!

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