Claire’s Season 7 Premiere Fate Mirrors Season 1’s Odd Incident. 

After the tragic conclusion of season 6, Claire was suddenly given freedom in the Outlander season 7 opener, but the manner in which it occurred discreetly echoed a plot from season 1. 

In Outlander season 6, Malva's unexpected demise and Claire's efforts to at least save her child sparked yet another accusation that Claire was a murderous witch.  

As a result, Richard Brown's Committee of Safety arrived to remove Claire from Fraser's Ridge and bring her to the courts to stand trial.  

Outlander season 6's twist-filled conclusion split Jamie and Claire apart but allowed him to eventually find her; yet, in season 7, another individual essentially saved Claire. 

Although Claire was charged with murder in Outlander season 6, the suspicions of witchcraft were reinstated after she performed a perimortem c-section to save Malva's kid. 

Because she published a column under the name Dr. Rawlings, Claire was already the target of these charges in Outlander season 5, but it was the first season that saw Claire formally accused of witchcraft and put on trial.  

It was someone else's confession that exonerated Claire, exactly like in Outlander season 7, episode 1, even though Jamie arrived at the conclusion of the trial against Claire and Geillis and financially assisted Claire in escaping. 

Tom Christie's assistance in the form of a written confession to the death of his daughter Malva effectively won Claire freedom in the conclusion of Outlander season 7, episode 1. 

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