Say hello to the Center Cam V2.0. This adjustable webcam takes your video chats to a whole new level of clarity and connection.

Improve your videoconferences with the Center Cam V2.0. This middle-screen webcam makes it so you don’t have to look away from the screen to create eye contact with your conversation partner. It also comes packed with high-spec tech.

Videoconferences have their drawbacks. I find them difficult because I can’t see the other person’s gestures and movements. So I often miss the nuances of the talk.

Ian Foster, the founder of the Center Cam, hopes to make videoconferences easier and more personable. During the pandemic, he had the idea to put a camera in the middle of the screen to improve calls with the patients he counseled. The idea resulted in an Indiegogo campaign that grossed over $2m.

Ian and his team have returned to Indiegogo with a 2.0 version of the original Center Cam. It offers a reduced size, better audio quality, and an indicator light amid other new features. Ready for better videoconferencing? I know I am, so let’s dive in!

Center Cam V2.0 informational video

Go for a smaller center-screen webcam

While having a middle-screen webcam helps you make eye contact more easily, you don’t want it to take up too much screen real estate. That’s why the Center Cam team developed a 2.0 webcam with a 20% reduced size.

The camera itself is smaller than a US dime. Can you imagine that? Measuring just 0.51″ square, it’s barely noticeable. That way, you can easily search for documents, sheets, and more while you talk.

Meanwhile, the middle-screen positioning elevates the interaction, making it feel like you’re chatting eye-to-eye. Whether you’re a professional conducting a business meeting or catching up with friends, this feature adds a touch of natural connection that’s hard to beat.

Show your best self every time

Say goodbye to fuzzy audio! Thanks to its improved mono microphone, the sound quality of this webcam is top-notch, ensuring your voice is loud and clear. That’s due to its narrow pickup pattern, which is more sensitive to sound coming from the direction the mic points and less sensitive to surrounding noise.

And let’s talk lighting—Center Cam’s upgraded auto-lighting settings work like a charm, delivering a natural-looking output no matter the lighting conditions. Yes, whether you’re in a sunlit room or burning the midnight oil, you’ll always look your best.

For students, the upgraded visual features are ideal for showcasing projects. And for remote workers, you can nail that virtual meeting thanks to the seamless integration into your setup.

Center Cam V2.0 on a red background

Get better quality with useful features

Moreover, with the Center Cam V2.0, you always know when you’re transmitting video to others. That’s thanks to the camera’s indicator light. It illuminates when the camera is on and recording. So you’ll never accidentally start talking to your partner or roommate while the camera and mic are hot.

Another cool feature of this middle-screen webcam is its gyroscope. It automatically recognizes vertical orientation, so you can use it to show off your work from different angles.

Keep calls smooth and professional

What’s more, the fixed-focus lens is a game-changer, eliminating unintended adjustments during handling. Imagine the ease of mind you’ll get knowing your camera won’t suddenly blur out or refocus, keeping your video calls smooth and professional.

You can talk through important points and move through your presentations knowing that the camera will keep its eye on you and your projects.

Ensure clarity with high resolution and FoV

Regarding video quality, the Center Cam V2.0 doesn’t disappoint. With a 1080p HD resolution or a reliable 720p at 30 fps option, it ensures crisp, clear visuals that make you stand out on-screen.

Then, there’s the field of view—a narrower HFOV of 72° ensures you’re not the most magnified participant in the call, striking that balance between clarity and a natural look.

Go for a user-friendly webcam

What’s even better? This webcam isn’t picky—it works seamlessly across various operating systems. Whether you’re a Windows loyalist or an Apple aficionado, the Center Cam’s got your back. It also works with Linux and Android systems.

Also, the proprietary clip works with more monitor types than the previous version. This means you don’t have to extend the camera into the monitor area. The clip is coming soon but should be ready closer to the campaign’s end.

Plus, the Center Cam V2.0 comes in sleek white and black models. This allows the camera to fit right into any setup or aesthetic, be it a home office or a college student’s study area.

Level up your videoconferences

As someone who’s navigated the challenges of online conversations, I’m sold on this innovative middle-screen webcam.

First off, the reduced size of this webcam is so convenient. It takes up just the right amount of screen real estate, letting users multitask during calls. I can display documents, spreadsheets, or reference materials without feeling overwhelmed by a bulky camera hogging my view. Plus, the middle-screen positioning brings a sense of genuine eye contact, making each conversation feel natural.

The improvements in audio and visual quality are undeniable. The upgraded mono-microphone ensures that my voice is clear and precise, perfect for business meetings or casual catch-ups.

Moreover, the indicator light provides that extra assurance, letting me know when I’m transmitting, preventing those accidental hot mic moments. The gyroscope recognition and fixed-focus lens add an element of versatility.

Overall, the Center Cam V2.0 is a great way to enhance your online communication, bringing a sense of natural connection and ensuring that every call feels personal.

Want to try the Center Cam V2.0 for yourself? Preorder it for $85 on Indiegogo!

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