Celtics win a tense, choppy game against the Grizzlies: 10 key takeaways 

The Celtics have now won six straight games.The Celtics defeated the Grizzlies 102-100 on Sunday, their sixth consecutive victory, to improve to 11-2 overall and 3-0 on their current road trip. 

Here are the key points.The final minute of Sunday's game was as wild as you'll see in an NBA game. Let us go over everything that happened. 

Desmond Bane missed a jumper with 37.1 seconds remaining, and the Celtics, who had a two-point lead, grabbed the rebound. Derrick White brought the ball up and passed it to Jayson Tatum, 

who waved off all screeners to go one-on-one with Bane and his short wingspan. Tatum pushed Bane back, then spun around and hit a turnaround jumper.

The jumper was missed, but the Celtics recovered the rebound and found Tatum once more. The Grizzlies sent two defenders at him this time, probably to foul. Instead of holding on to the ball and accepting the foul, 

Tatum chose to throw to Jrue Holiday, who was cutting to the basket. Holiday then outdid Tatum's dubious decision-making by going up for a one-handed dunk against Jaren Jackson Jr., 

the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. Holiday's dunk was blocked, and the Grizzlies suddenly had life and the ball.

On the other end, Santi Aldama, the Grizzlies' greatest player aside from Bane on Sunday, had a nice look at a 3-pointer but did the Celtics a huge favor by missing it. Ziaire Williams snatched 

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