Bosses' Trevon Diggs criticizes Josh Allen and begs for his brother to leave Buffalo

The Denver Broncos defeated the Buffalo Bills 24–22 at home on Monday night, causing frustration.  

In the shocking loss, Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs managed just three receptions for 34 yards. 

Trevon, the brother of Stefon and a cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys who is sidelined for the season with a knee injury 

Guy 14 Trevon added, "Getter to get up outta there," alluding to Stefon, who is dressed in a No. 14. 

The Philadelphia Eagles currently have a 62 percent chance of finishing as the NFL's top seed. 

In Week 10, Detroit held off the Chargers to maintain one game ahead of San Francisco as the Eagles had a bye week. 

The New Orleans Saints, who had to play Jameis Winston, were the only club in the top seven to lose. 

As we approach Week 11, here is a comprehensive look at the NFC side of the NFL playoff scenario. 

This week, the Lions take on the Bears, and on Thanksgiving, they play the Packers.  

Therefore, it's doubtful that they'll make a mistake in the upcoming few weeks. 

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