Bill Belichick's absence from the Patriots bench was unthinkable to Tom Brady. 

With the New England Patriots now sitting at 2-8, there has been conjecture over coach Bill Belichick's potential,

absence from the field for the upcoming campaign.After seeing Belichick coach the Patriots for the past few decades, 

the former quarterback Tom Brady acknowledged it is difficult for him to imagine the great coach no longer ,

being in New England.It will be Belichick's second losing season in three years. 

The Patriots would have the third overall choice in the 2024 NFL draft if the season ended today. 

Over the years, Belichick has consistently been known as a defensive maestro who gets the most out of his players. 

But especially this season has been difficult.The Patriots are now attempting to avoid placing last in the standings. 

During an appearance on "The Stephen A. Smith Show," Brady argued that the strategy has not changed for Belichick.

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