Ben Affleck is embarrassed after seeing Jennifer Lopez: 'Divorce him!'

After his frequent outings with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck was called “embarrassed” of Jennifer Lopez. 

The Air director's increased outings with the Alias actor are unsettling his fans,   

especially since rumors of his “marital issues” with Lopez leaked before their first wedding anniversary. 

Days after being seen cuddling in a car in Los Angeles earlier this month, Affleck and Garner were back in Santa Monica. 

Affleck's allegiance to J.Lo, who will shortly release her husband-dedicated album This Is Me... Now, has been questioned after their last excursion. 

According to OK! Magazine, social media users on X (previously Twitter) accused Affleck of cheating on Lopez over his recent appearances with Garner. 

"Nope, he's creeping with his ex-wife and embarrassed of J. Lo," one critic said. “  

He won't be photographed with her, but will stand in the street or cuddle with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.”  

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