Avengers 5 Poster Assembles The New Generation Of The Team To Fight Kang In MCU Art

The eagerly awaited MCU Multiverse Saga film Avengers: The Kang Dynasty pits Earth's Mightiest Heroes against the insane menace posed by Kang the Conqueror, who has the power to wipe out whole histories.

A brand-new fan poster with characters like Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and Loki taking center stage shows a new generation of MCU Avengers gathering to confront Kang in The Kang Dynasty

Heroes such as Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Loki are all likely to show up in The Kang Dynasty because of their familiarity with the multiverse, their knowledge of Kang, or their proficiency in negotiating parallel realities.

A new fan poster imagines every hero that might appear in the highly anticipated MCU Multiverse Saga film, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Earth's Mightiest Heroes will eventually face off against the insane,

Thanos-like foe who has the ability to wipe out entire timelines—Kang the Conqueror—during the Kang Dynasty.

The MCU timeline has grown even further with the Multiverse Saga, which adds new heroes to the brand while also enhancing the tales of those heroes who made it through Avengers: Endgame. 

It's hard to predict who will actually fight Kang in the upcoming Avengers movie because there are so many plots going on at once.

"The Kang Dynasty," featuring a formidable lineup of new-gen Avengers facing Kang the Conqueror. Notable highlights include Hulk's menacing presence, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man in focus, and Loki dealing with Kang variants. 

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