‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ IMAX Poster Takes DC Fans Back to the Sea

– "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" is the final film in the current DC Extended Universe (DCEU), with plans for a reboot in 2025 by James Gunn.

– Despite the DCEU's challenges in 2023 with underperforming films, director James Wan and actor Jason Momoa bring excitement to the Aquaman sequel.

– The IMAX poster for "Lost Kingdom" highlights the visually stunning underwater world, emphasizing IMAX as the best way to experience Aquaman's return to the big screen.

– The poster features a simplistic design with the IMAX logo emerging from the sea, replacing the "A" with Aquaman's signature symbol, and showcasing whales and ruins on the ocean floor.

– The sun piercing through the cloudy sky draws attention to the film being specifically filmed for IMAX, promoting it as the premium format for viewing.

– The film faces the challenge of being the last in the current DCEU, with plans for a reboot in 2025, and comes after a less than stellar year for the franchise in 2023.

– Despite the challenges, director James Wan is considered a major saving grace for the film, known for his visually thrilling work on the first Aquaman.

– Jason Momoa's energetic portrayal of Aquaman and his chemistry with Patrick Wilson, who plays Ocean Master, adds excitement to the sequel.Livvy missed the most of the 2022-23 season owing to a variety of ailments,

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