Apple Vision Pro marks a transformative leap in personal computing, blending digital and physical worlds seamlessly. Set for launch on February 2, it introduces a new era of spatial experiences, controlled intuitively by users’ eyes, hands, and voice, redefining work, entertainment, and connectivity.

Augmented Reality is here, and Apple has led the charge with its Apple Vision Pro. We saw it back in June, 2023 but you know what the good news is–it’s actually going live for sale from February, 2024!

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Now, before we get into it, I will say that this thing looks pretty cool. Apple has always been at the forefront of ushering in new technologies and has generally stayed at the helm of the most updated tech. While the Apple Vision Pro launch date has been teased amidst the CES 2024 limelight, this headset is not a CES 2024 highlight. But it’s still picking up all the craze. Let’s take a look at the world’s first leading tech company featuring its first AR headset.

Apple Vision Pro commercial for launch

The Good

So, the Apple Vision Pro uses the same sort of interface your iPhone and Mac have but projects them in front of you with pretty astonishingly crisp resolution. According to Apple, you get the exact pixel count as you would for a 4k TV for each eye. Unlike VR, you’re not locked into only seeing what the lenses show you, but you get to see everything around you with the screen projections floating in front of you.

You can navigate with your eyes just by looking at different icons, and you can prompt it with voice recognition to search, pull up, or select the options you need. Your hands and fingers will do what your voice can’t or won’t to give you all the accessibility of your iPhone with the immersion of VR while still being aware of everything around you.

Now, that’s pretty cool!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m looking forward to watching full-length feature films as if I’m in the movie theater with this thing. You can adjust the display size, dim the surrounding lighting, and even choose your own background for as immersive an experience as you can get.

Video games are going to step into a new realm of realism with the Apple Vision Pro because you’ll likely feel like you’re actually there.

It seems we’ve stepped into the future in 2024.

As it turns out, you can also record videos, enter into meetings, and use the 3-D immersive experience to enter into a new augmented and virtual reality. Man, am I looking forward to this year.

So far, things are looking good for the Apple Vision Pro…

The New

The Apple Vision Pro sits on your face like ski goggles. To be fair, they don’t look any different from a typical virtual reality headset. I suppose if you’re going to outfit two high-definition TVs, you’re going to have to take up some space.

The Battery

As you might imagine, the Apple Vision Pro would require some major juice, and in order to save space and weight, Apple decided to connect the battery with a cord and let you put it in your pocket. The battery is not that big, but this is the first time we’ve seen a physically separate battery for an Apple product, and ultimately, it should be for the best, still…a separate battery?

The Speakers

The speakers feed you sound directly in your ear. The Apple Vision Pro doesn’t have headphones (not yet anyway) but the speaker system is supposed to mimic surround sound to give you an enhanced immersive experience. Something we’re just going to have to hear for ourselves.

The Apple Vision Pro is perhaps the most expensive thing you can get from Apple. Now, let’s be real here, none of us expected this to be cheap and the price tag ($3499 with 256GB of storage) does indicate high quality. The best way to make a decision on this one is to see it for ourselves.

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