In a faraway nation, Amber Heard learned the native language.

Amber Heard appears to be thriving in Spain, where she is making friends through the language.

Amber Heard appears to enjoy a tranquil, chirpy life in Spain with her baby, as the pair has learnt Spanish to assist them assimilate into the new environment effortlessly.

After the couple moved to Madrid from Majorca, a source told OK! Magazine, "Since moving to the city, she's hired a tutor to help them improve their Spanish, and they're now able to converse with friends."

"As for her reasoning behind the overseas relocation, the source stated that Amber learned that "most people she met in Spain either didn't know about her background or didn't care," explaining why the Southwestern European country was perfect for the struggling actress.

Meanwhile, the 37-year-old and her 2-year-old daughter Oonagh Paige apparently adjusted quickly to Spanish society.

"She and her little girl fit in well with their new neighbors," said the informant.

Given Amber's newfound country friendships, the bird chirped, "With Amber's ugly past behind her, she and Oonagh can make a fresh start," adding, "She thinks it's the best decision for them both."

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