Empower your home with the ALLPOWERS R1500 Portable Home Backup Power Station! It’s the solution for reliable, long-lasting backup power.


Unmatched Power: Experience a massive 1,152 Wh capacity and a robust 1800W AC output (3000W peak).
– Versatile Charging Options: Enjoy flexibility with 4 ways to recharge—AC, car, solar, and dual (AC+solar).
– Smart Control: Seamlessly monitor, control functions, and upgrade the system with the ALLPOWERS app.
– Reliable UPS Function: A 15 ms switching time during outages safeguards desktop computers, servers, and sensitive devices from data loss.
– Long-Lasting Battery: Equipped with an excellent battery boasting 3500+ cycles, the R1500 lasts over 10 years.
– Advanced Safety Features: The R1500 employs a high-performance BMS, offering protection against high/low temperatures, overvoltage, low voltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuits, and more for user safety.


Elevate your home’s backup power with the ALLPOWERS R1500—your reliable energy source for a decade or more.