Ready to power up your gaming experience without breaking the bank? Say hello to TITAN ARMY's latest eSports monitors. They immerse you in gaming bliss at wallet-friendly prices.

Level up your gameplay with the TITAN ARMY’s affordable gaming monitors. This lineup boasts industry-leading refresh rates and specs at bargain prices.

Want to upgrade your gaming setup while staying on budget? So do I. And that’s why I’m excited to introduce the TITAN ARMY gaming monitor series. TITAN ARMY is a leading Chinese eSports monitor brand, and it’s coming to the US.

The brand is gradually releasing its series of 7 gaming monitors. Already launched are the TITAN ARMY 24″ (P24H2P) and the TITAN ARMY 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor (N32SQ). Both are poised to become sought-after additions to gaming setups around the country, and I’m reviewing them today!

Keep reading to learn more about these new gaming monitors!

TITAN ARMY 24″ (P24H2P) on a desk

Enjoy high-definition games on the TITAN ARMY 24″

High-definition gaming graphics

When it comes to visuals, the TITAN ARMY 24-inch gaming monitor hits the mark with its FHD 1920 x 1080 IPS panel. Then, its 99% sRGB wide color gamut showcases a range of over 16.7 million colors, ensuring rich and accurate color representation.

What strikes me most is the accuracy and consistency of these colors—they pop with vividness, are richly detailed, and hold their ground from practically every angle! Whether you’re racing through vivid landscapes or sneaking through shadowy game levels, the colors stay true and captivating.

And that wide 178° viewing angle? It’s like having an all-access pass to an ultra-clear, panoramic visual journey. No matter where I sit, the clarity remains top-notch, offering a fully immersive experience that’s second to none.

TITAN ARMY 24″ (P24H2P) front view

Ultra-smooth gaming

Meanwhile, this monitor offers impressively smooth gaming. Pairing a 100 Hz refresh rate with Adaptive Sync tech, it’s a no-tear, no-stutter zone for seamless gaming. So you get the reactions you need to win!

And let me tell you about GAMEPLUS—it’s a game-changer in the dark! With this feature, sneaking up on foes lurking in the shadows is a breeze. The level of detail delivers spot-on positioning, giving you an edge in your gameplay and making every move count.

Comfortable viewing angles

Now, let’s talk about comfort and flexibility with the TITAN ARMY 24″ monitor. This gadget lets you fine-tune your viewing angle with its adjustable tilt angle (-5°±2°/15°±2°). That way, you can find your sweet spot for a comfortable viewing experience, no matter how long you’re glued to the screen.

And guess what? Say goodbye to eye strain! With flicker-free and low blue light technology, this eSports monitor keeps those uncomfortable moments at bay, whether you’re knee-deep in a marathon gaming session or grinding away at work.

What’s more, the VESA(75*75) wall-mount design is like having a customizable setup that moves along with you, making it a super convenient model in this line of affordable gaming monitors.

Elevate play with the TITAN ARMY 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor

1500R curvature view

Let’s delve into this curved gaming monitor’s immersive world! Boasting a 1500R curvature and a wide 178° viewing angle, the TITAN ARMY 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor brings you into the heart of the action. Other players will be on both sides, and you can see the race track as you turn. Overall, the setup offers an easy-on-the-eyes experience, immersing you in the game scenes effortlessly.

Plus, you can say goodbye to gaming eyestrain. With its flicker-free and low-blue-light functions, this monitor takes care of your eye health while ensuring a fun gaming adventure.

TITAN ARMY 32″ (N32SQ) Curved Gaming Monitor front view

Gorgeous visual experience

Meanwhile, the graphics are a treat! This curved gaming monitor features a WQHD 2560 x 1440 fast VA panel. And, with a 99% sRGB color gamut and over 6.7 million colors, it gives you a sea of vivid hues.

Then, the brightness at 300 cd/m² and a static 3000:1 contrast ratio offer a dynamic image. Also, the rich, true-to-life colors take immersion to the next level, delivering an experience that’s more than just viewing—it makes you part of the action!

Hiccup-free gaming

Like the TITAN ARMY 24″, the TITAN ARMY 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor boasts a smooth gaming experience. That’s due to its 144 Hz refresh rate, lightning-fast 1 ms response time, and adaptive Sync tech.

So these affordable gaming monitors avoid screen hiccups like tearing and stuttering for a buttery-smooth gaming journey. The 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor also comes with Game Mode and GAME PLUS! These features bring a whole new dimension to your gaming experience, offering specialized functions like FPS and RTS, making every gaming session exhilarating.

Comfortable viewing and connectivity

Another feature that these affordable gaming monitors share is comfortable viewing angles. The curved version lets you adjust between -5° to -15° for that ideal comfort level. Plus, it also has the VESA(75*75) wall-mount design so you can easily move and position it.

And when it comes to connectivity, this smooth gaming monitor is a winner! Offering a range of options with HDMI and DP ports, you can hook up various devices, making it your ultimate gaming and work companion.

Level up your gaming, affordably

So, if you’re into gaming like me, these TITAN ARMY gaming monitors are for you! From vivid visuals to smooth gameplay, they’re loaded with features that improve your gaming experience without burning a hole in your wallet.

The TITAN ARMY 24″ monitor’s got colors that pop and stay true from practically every angle. That 178° viewing angle is like a backstage pass to an ultra-clear, panoramic visual journey. Plus, there’s no tearing or stuttering thanks to its 100 Hz refresh rate.

On the other hand, it’s an understatement to call the TITAN ARMY 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor immersive! Its curved view and wide angle take you to the middle of the action. The colors are stunning and the gameplay is smooth.

Both monitors offer comfy viewing angles and seamless connectivity options, making them excellent gaming and work buddies. And at such affordable prices, they are definitely a win-win!

The TITAN ARMY 24″ (P24H2P) monitor costs $129.99 on Amazon. You can get $10 off with the code: gadgetflow24. The TITAN ARMY 32″ (N23SQ) Curved Gaming Monitor costs $299.99 on Amazon. Get $12 off with the code: gadgetflow32. Act now to get these awesome deals!

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