According to a new study, loneliness may increase the risk of dying prematurely. 

Loneliness May Increase the Risk of Early Death, According to a Study |

Loneliness may not appear to be a big deal. However, it is not only harmful to people's health; it is also lethal.

Loneliness may increase the risk of dying prematurely by 39%. Loneliness may increase the risk of premature death by 77% for those who live alone.

Why is loneliness harmful to people? What are they going to do about it?

Loneliness and social isolation in older adults are significant public health risks that affect a large number of people in the United States and put them at risk for dementia and other serious medical conditions.

According to a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM), more than one-third of adults aged 45 and older are lonely

nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older are socially isolated.

 Loneliness and social isolation are more common in older adults due to factors such as living alone, the loss of family or friends, chronic illness, and hearing loss.

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