According to a Diabetes Expert, the #1 Lunch for Weight Loss When You Have Insulin Resistance

Sometimes you forget to have lunch because you're too busy at work or on the run. Lunch is crucial to getting through the day, but it's especially important for individuals trying to lose weight with insulin resistance.  

Resetting with a balanced lunch might help you meet your health and nutrition objectives. A fiber-rich meal will fill you up and sustain your energy.  

A registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator will share the greatest lunch options for weight loss and insulin resistance in this post.  

The Mediterranean diet, ranked the best overall diet in 2023 by U.S. News and World Report, makes it easy to find a lunch that aids insulin resistance weight loss.   

Since it doesn't need precise meal measurement, macronutrient counting, or food group elimination, this diet is sustainable. Instead, you consume more fruits  

vegetables, nuts, seeds, leaner protein, fatty fish, dairy, and less red meat, added sugar, high-sodium foods, and processed carbohydrates.  

No diet has been shown to reduce insulin resistance beyond the Mediterranean diet, according to the American Diabetes Association.   

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