7 plants to sow in November – flowers and vegetables you can sow this month

You can still start plants in November, even though the list might be shorter than in other months. In the vegetable garden, hardy crops can be sown, while edibles and ornamentals can be grown underground. This month, we look at various plants to sow.

Beautiful ornamental plants, echinops have jagged leaves and a spiky, globe-shaped flower head that is colored silver and blue. Actually, these perennials are Mediterranean plants that complement a wide range of garden color palettes. 


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Late spring and early summer see the spectacular spikes of vibrant blossoms that make lupines so beloved. These perennials are excellent choices for color and structure in flower borders and are favorites in cottage gardens. Their blooms, which draw bees and other pollinators, are an extra bonus.


Widely used in a variety of cuisines, shelled faba beans, also called broad beans, are a versatile vegetable. It is possible to grow fava beans in the fall or the spring; beans sown in November will yield an early crop in May or June. Fava beans can be grown in containers as well as in kitchen gardens, where the plants are a common crop.


Planting hardy and early varieties of peas in the vegetable garden in November is great. These crops are resistant to cold; they will sprout rapidly in the damp autumn soil and survive the winter without any problems, ready to provide a crop in the early spring. 


November is a great time to plant a variety of salad greens that will provide fruit during the chilly winter months. Whether grown as fall crops for a greenhouse or grown indoors on a light windowsill, winter leaves are fast-growing vegetables that may be sowed in October and November. 


November is typically the month for planting onions and garlic in the garden, but don't overlook scallions, also known as spring onions. Sow hardy varieties in November for an overwintering treat—come spring, you'll have a harvest of mild-flavored stalks. 


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